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Lab Grown Diamonds

Almost everyone has the same first question about lab-grown diamonds: Are they real?

The simple answer is, of course, yes. They're real diamonds. The difference is in how they're created.

The lab-grown diamonds in our Eco-Love Collection are created in much the same way that any mined diamonds would be, with precise laboratory conditions that replicate the same processes that occur in nature to form diamonds over huge spans of time.

They are composed of the same chemicals as mined diamonds and indistinguishable without using specialized equipment. Just as those that are mined, every lab-grown diamond forms in a way that makes it unique, with its own characteristic clarity, cut, and color.

They are evaluated and certified in exactly the same way any other diamond would be, to the same standards.

All that means that with the Eco-Love Collection, you can not only have a certified, graded diamond for less, but you can be secure in the knowledge that it was created sustainably. Since they don't necessitate mining, lab-grown diamonds have a significantly lower impact on the environment, and prevent potential injuries to miners.

That doesn't mean that natural diamonds are necessarily unethical; significant steps have been taken to find more responsible methods of mining, and the vast majority of mined diamonds are now conflict-free as well. However, there is nothing more or less genuine about the end product of a lab-grown or mined diamond, and you may find that a lab-grown gem better suits your personal ideology.

We believe that diamonds are intended to represent love, and they all do, regardless of their origin. The question that your choice should really come down to is what's right for you and what you feel better represents your love.